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  1. RADIO MISTERIOSO, Greg Bishop, Radio Misterioso, December 2012

  2. LUXOR LABORATORY, CNR-IFN (Italian National Research Center, Institute for Photonics and Nanotechnology), University of Padova, Italy, September 2012

  3. PRONTO WORKSHOP ON THE NOETIC SCIENCES, Lucca, Italy, September 2012

  4. Jean Houston and Dean Radin, IONS EarthRise campus, CA, July 2012

  5. DISCUSSION WITH TOM CAMPBELL, Petaluma, CA, July 2012

  6. SIVANANDA ASHRAM, Grass Valley, CA, June 2012

  7. ABC News, Los Angeles, CA, June 2012

  8. SIVANANDA ASHRAM, Paradise Island, Bahamas, May 2012

Fibre Optics
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