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  1. ONE COACH (webcast interview), December 2007

  2. ELECTRIC POLITICS (webcast interview), December 2007

  3. CNN Larry King Live (interview), Los Angeles, CA, November 2007

  4. The Monroe Institute Gateway Program, IONS Petaluma, CA, October 2007

  5. PBS television series Closer to Truth (interview), San Francisco, CA, October 2007

  6. Institute of Noetic Sciences Biennial Conference, La Quinta, CA, August 2007

  7. Many Rivers Books & Tea, Sebastopol, CA, August 2007

  8. The Monroe Institute's Lifelines Workshop, IONS, Petaluma, CA, July 2007

  9. Invitational Conference, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, July 2007

  10. Coast to Coast AM (radio interview), July 2007

  11. Invitational Conference on Intuition in Medicine, University of Minnesota & Life Sciences Foundation, May 2007

  12. Fund raiser for the Deer Park Buddhist Center, with His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Madison, WI, May 3, 2007

  13. 9th International Conference on Science and Consciousness, Santa Fe NM, April 2007

  14. A&E program on premonitions (TV interview), March 2007

  15. The New School at Commonweal (webcast interview), Bolinas, CA, March 2007

  16. Integral Transformative Practice (lecture), Mill Valley, CA, March 2007

  17. Coast to Coast AM (radio interview), February 2007

  18. The Oprah Winfrey Show (TV appearance), Chicago, CA, February 2007

  19. Sonoma State University (lecture), Department of Psychology, Rohnert Park, CA, February 2007

  20. 7th Swiss Biennial on Science, Technics + Aesthetics (lecture), Lucerne, Switzerland, January 2007

Fibre Optics
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