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Supernormal asks a simple question: Was Buddha just a nice guy? Did Buddha’s teachings thrive because he was more attractive or charismatic than most, or because he was a great teacher and a tireless advocate of the poor? Or— and here’s the core question we’ll explore in detail— was it also because he was an enlightened being with profound insights into the nature of Reality, and because he possessed supernormal abilities? We might ask the same questions about Jesus, Moses, Mohammed, Milarepa, or a host of other historically prominent figures associated with special illumination, wisdom, or grace. Did these people just sport great tans and know how to work a crowd, or did they understand something genuinely deep about the human condition, and our capacities, that are not yet within the purview of science?

by Dean Radin, Chief Scientist, Institute of Noetic Sciences


“A smart reminder that we haven’t got the whole scene covered — look at quantum mechanics — and that openness is more fruitful than seclusion in dogma.” - Kirkus Reviews


“An admirable attempt to bridge the gap between the scientific and the spiritual realm by focusing on a common desire for self- and societal improvement.” - Publisher's Weekly




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"The first and most important statement that I can make about Supernormal is that it is a truly authentic study of the yoga sutras - using original Sanskrit texts - and the extraordinary psychic abilities they purport to arise from the disciplined practice of yoga and meditation.... Radin clearly demonstrates that meta-analysis reveals definitive, positive, beyond chance results. The claims of ancient yogis that knowledge of the microscopic and the infinite, of the close and the infinitely far, and of the past, present, and future - all can be accessed through yoga and meditation - have been rigorously and scientifically established beyond reasonable doubt. He emphasizes that the results may be faint, but they are visible. They are objective.... However, despite the claims that it has been written with lots of humor, it has not been written to entertain. It is scholarly and you will need to concentrate. There are some humorous moments, though. I highly recommend this book. Very rewarding. Full disclosure: I am also a peer-reviewed, published researcher and author on this subject regarding the connection between ancient yoga and modern discoveries in oceanography, paleontology, and cosmology."  -- Sanjay C Patel (review on Amazon.com), November 1, 2013.


"Dean Radin is a modern-day Galileo of psychical research. He is an impeccable scholar and premier experimental scientist, and this is a terrific book. Come, look through his telescope; with great clarity, he goes right to the core of the most profound issues in the contemporary science of mind. By including a detailed review of a variety of experimental findings, this book presents in one easily accessible place a wealth of information, creating a valuable reference and teaching/learning resource for students and scholars alike. And by connecting all this with contemplative investigations of the nature of mind carried out over the course of millennia, this book makes an invaluable contribution to expanding the modern dialogue between science and the contemplative traditions."  -- David E. Presti, PhD, neurobiologist, University of California, Berkeley


"In the last 50 years, major discoveries in modern science increasingly support the wisdom and vision of the ancient philosophers and sages. Dean Radin’s work is a major step in the same context, showing us how the statements made by the ancient sages like Patanjali are supported by the current research conducted with strictest scientific protocols. Radin’s work seems to bear even greater promise of what is yet to come." -- Swami Veda Bharati, D. Lit.


“In Supernormal, consciousness researcher Dr. Dean Radin shows compellingly that specific ancient claims about extraordinary psychic abilities are real, and how they have been confirmed by an outpouring of ingenious experiments whose statistical power is simply galactic. Supernormal is the crown jewel in Dr. Radin’s landmark trilogy, which also includes The Conscious Universe and Entangled Minds. Supernormal is a reader’s delight. Beautifully written, it is spiced with that rarest ingredient in science writing: humor. If this book does not take your breath away, it should, because it reveals how we can awaken to innate human potentials that are glorious, on which our future may depend. Thank you, Dr. Radin, for showing the way.” -- Larry Dossey, MD, author of One Mind and many other books


“Great advances in science are made by following the evidence, wherever it may lead. Adhering to this principle, internationally-known researcher and author Dean Radin convincingly demonstrates that psi phenomena invalidate the assumptions associated with the obsolete materialist worldview. Recognizing the fundamental aspect of mind and consciousness, Dr. Radin also explains why it is now time to significantly revise and expand our concepts about who we are and the ultimate nature of reality.” -- Mario Beauregard, PhD, neuroscientist, author of The Spiritual Brain and Brain Wars


"As with Dr. Radin’s previous work, this book is thoroughly researched, clearly written, and immensely engaging. Once again he has pushed the boundaries of religion, science, psychology, and philosophy. Invaluable reading!" -- Michael Bloch, PhD, neuroscientist, University of San Francisco


“In Supernormal, Dean Radin skillfully weaves threads of Eastern praxis (yoga) and the results of Western psi experiments into a seamless and fascinating tapestry, one that portrays not merely who we are but what we might aspire to become.” -- Daniel Sheehan, PhD, physicist, University of San Diego