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Over 25,000 copies of The Conscious Universe (1997, HarperEdge) have been sold.  The book is on its 10th printing and has been translated into Turkish, Chinese, Finnish, Russian, Czech, Greek, Korean and French.  

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Awarded's 1998 Category Bestseller Award, the Scientific and Medical Network's 1997 Book Award, and the Anomalist's 1997 Book Award.   


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Cutting perceptively through the spurious arguments frequently made by skeptics, Radin shows that the evidence in favor of (paranormal) existence is overwhelming.

Brian Josephson, Ph.D., Nobel Laureate and Professor of Physics, Cambridge University. In January, 1998, Prof. Josephson wrote in the (British newspaper), the Guardian: "If asked to nominate the most significant scientific event of 1997, I would cite the publication of this book."  Click here to read about Nature's review of the Conscious Universe, on Prof. Josephson's site.

This is the best survey of real evidence for the existence of psychic phenomena ever compiled. Clear, comprehensive, engaging, and convincing, it provides hard facts, not hazy opinions. It is a bastion of substance in a sea of credulous psi publications that separates the real science of parapsychology from the morass of channelers, telephone hot-line psychics, side-show telepathics and metaphysical healers that most of the population associates with psychic phenomena, and who have unfairly caused parapsychologists to become pariahs to their colleagues in the more conventional sciences.

Michael Epstein, Ph.D., Research Chemist, National Institute for Standards and Technologies, and former President, National Capitol Area Skeptics, reviewed in Journal of Scientific Exploration, 12 (3), 1998.

In recent years, the two strongest arguments for the reality of ESP and PK have been put forth by Jessica Utts and Dean Radin.

Ray Hyman, Ph.D., Prof. of Psychology, University of Oregon and Chair, Parapsychology Committee, CSICOP

Recently I was being interviewed by a young doctoral student working on a thesis dealing with "frontier science." After a year of interviewing most of the better-known parapsychologists and skeptics in this country this informed, outside observer remained perplexed. His first question for me was, "I have read Dr. Radin's book and I just can't see why there is still any argument about your field. Why do the skeptics keep it up?" That same question is likely to spring to mind for any objective reader on finishing this book, or, more likely, on getting about halfway through it, since Radin provides his own answer to that question in the latter half. Unquestionably, The Conscious Universe is the most forceful presentation of the scientific evidence for psi phenomena to be seen in perhaps the last half century and there is very little "wiggle room" left for the skeptics..

Richard Broughton, Ph.D, psychologist, in his book review for the Scientific and Medical Network, which awarded The Conscious Universe its 1997 Book Award.

Dean Radin is the Einstein of parapsychology. To see why the world is more glorious than we've been told, read The Conscious Universe.

Larry Dossey, M.D., physician, author of Healing Words, Prayer is Good Medicine, and Recovering the Soul.

The materialist worldview predicts that telepathy, psychokinesis and clairvoyance are impossible. Using modern statistical methods Dean Radin examines half a century of mind-matter research and concludes that these 'impossible' phenomena certainly exist--on the basis of robust, reliable, and repeatable evidence. More than just another science book, The Conscious Universe is a revolutionary act!

Nick Herbert, Ph.D., physicist, author of Elemental Mind, Quantum Reality, and Faster Than Light.

I loved it. It made my head spin for days.

Scott Adams, cartoonist and author of The Dilbert Future, The Dilbert Principles, and many other books.

Radin makes the most powerful case for the reality of parapsychological phenomena that I have yet encountered. He shows how recent research gives overwhelming evidence for the existence of forms of influence and communication at present unexplained. He writes clearly, powerfully and persuasively, and this book shows that we are at a turning point in our scientific understanding of our minds and of nature.

Rupert Sheldrake, Ph.D., biologist, author of A New Science of Life and Seven Experiments That Could Change the World.

Most books that try to tackle the entire field of parapsychology between their covers are a pitiful bore. The Conscious Universe is a wonderful exception. Parapsychologist Dean Radin, who has managed to ply his trade in various corporate and academic settings over the years, brings his own quirky outlook to the various facets of parapsychology and constantly surprises with his comparisons (how baseball resembles psi to illustrate replication, for example). Radin's treatment makes psi seem perfectly normal--and real. And quite naturally, as a result, the author finds himself addressing the social, economic and spiritual consequences of the mass realization that mind and matter do influence each other. Superb.

Patrick Huyghe, who selected The Conscious Universe for one of the Anomalist Awards for the Best Books of 1997.

[The Conscious Universe] is among the top ten most important books I have read in my life.

Gary E. R. Schwartz, Ph.D. Professor of Psychology, Neurology, and Psychiatry, University of Arizona, Tuscon.

Dean Radin's book is an excellent introduction to the field of parapsychology. I admire his persistence in trying to bring rational order to the study of the seemingly paranormal experiences that fascinate and baffle all human beings.

Raymond Moody, MD, Ph.D., psychiatrist, author of Life After Life, Reunions, and many other books.

The Conscious Universe will become the book to read for anyone, layperson or scientist, who wants to know the truth about the scientific case for psychic phenomena - and the strange reasons why otherwise intelligent scientists resist the facts with such prejudice! I shall use it as a text as well as recommending it to friends and colleagues. Radin has a wealth of knowledge about parapsychology and modern science, as well as a talent for clear writing, that makes even complex experimental results quite accessible.

Charles Tart, Ph.D., psychologist, author of Altered States of Consciousness, Open Mind, Discriminating Mind: Reflections on Human Possibilities, and Living the Mindful Life.

[The Conscious Universe] is well and away the best presentation of the case for the reality of psi that I have yet come across. No one has ever before put the case for parapsychology so convincingly or made better use of the various meta-analyses that have been carried out.

John Beloff, Ph.D., Department of Psychology, University of Edinburgh, author of The Relentless Question, The Existence of Mind, Psychological Sciences, and many other books.

Holding up such anomalies as ESP [and] psychokinesis ... under the cool light of scientific scrutiny can be a daunting task. Dean Radin... rises to the challenge in the pioneering and exhaustively researched The Conscious Universe. Fans of The X-Files will need no further convincing, but for the remaining skeptics, this easy-to-read mix of history, scientific evidence, and proclamations ... will authenticate the existence of psychic phenomena. books,

Well written ... good summary of the arguments supporting the existence of ESP.

I. J. Good, Ph.D., statistician, Nature

A brilliant book.

Gertrude Schmeidler, Ph.D., psychologist, Journal of the American Society for Psychical Research

No one writing or speaking in the field of psi research should be unfamiliar with the contents of this book.

J. C. Poynton, Ph.D., Journal of the Society for Psychical Research

A remarkably carefully-reasoned, well-crafted, and sane work.

Ray Choiniere, Ph.D., psychologist

Not only the best book on psychic phenomena I've read, but also the best primer on the scientific method.

Douglas R. Keene, Ph.D., psychologist

It is a rare event when one book can move from "Well, I know what the deal is, but I will never be able to convince the dubious" to "OK, now that part is settled, and I can move on and let those with eyes for conclusive meta-analysis see for themselves." Thanks for your splendid effort.

Richard Mann, Ph.D., psychologist, University of Michigan, editor of the SUNY Press series on Humanistic and Transpersonal Psychology.

I would like to express praise for your methodical and comprehensive summary of the field of parapsychology.

Dr. Grace Wolf-Chase, Ph.D., astrophysicist, University of California, Riverside

Attempting to dequackify the study of psychic phenomena, parapsychologist Radin ... analyzed all the serious studies on telepathy, psychokinesis, clairvoyance, and precognition for his intriguing, exhaustive tome.

Entertainment Weekly, rated B+

The extensive data and sober arguments in [Dean Radin's] book The Conscious Universe show [that psi research] is worthy of consideration.

MSNBC's "The Site",

This is the best book we have yet encountered on psychic phenomena because it gives us something solid to bite into.... There is dynamite in this book because it focuses on simple procedures that ought to be easy to replicate. Charts and graphs abound in this book, but they don't get in the way of understanding. Radin explains complex experimental concepts in layman's terms. He pulls together all of the previous psi research and makes us think "Wow, this is real!" We now use our own copy as often as our dictionary as we build a web database on psychic phenomena.

Glenn Campbell, "Recommended Reading"


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